Global temperatures look like breaking through the 1.5 degree increase versus pre-industrial levels within the next decade. This is expected to result in extreme weather conditions leading to flood and famine and wide spread social disruption.
Sub-Saharan Africa has contributed barely 3% to global Green House Gases but stands to be amongst the worst effected regions of the planet.
Our Goal
Our goal is to help find ways to slow down the rise in global temperatures
and to assist these most impacted by climate change to adapt, particularly in
Sub-Saharan Africa.
What we do

We unearth and fund highly scalable, science based, research initiatives that aim to address climate change mitigation and adaptation.


We lead the implantation of the strategies that we deem to be the most promising.

Our Research Initiatives
The Climate Trust has sponsored projects focussing on the following categories of research:
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Our Implementation Strategies
Our first implementation project aims to increase carbon sequestration in
Sub-Saharan Africa, starting in Namibia.
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Perivoli Africa Research Centre
The research projects are housed under the University of Bristol’s Perivoli Africa Research Centre (PARC) which runs research projects in partnership with African Universities and Research Institutes.
The Centre champions a change in approach with the way in which such research partnerships are run in giving the African institution the louder voice.
Perivoli Climate Tech Tracker
We track as best we can innovation and the new technologies being developed around the world to address the implications of Climate Change.
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The Trustees of the Perivoli Climate Trust, which is a Namibian domiciled not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, are James Alexandroff OBE, Tom Newton, Tom Goddard and Soraj Bissoonauth.
Both PARC and The Perivoli Climate Trust are funded by the Perivoli Foundation which is a U.K. Charity.
Perivoli Foundation is funded by Perivoli Innovations which is a Purpose Trust that invests in early stage, high risk, technology rich businesses which have a positive societal impact. Several of these are working on novel climate-tech solutions.
Perivoli Innovations was funded by Perivoli Trust which is a UK based family trust.